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Photography taken by the  Convicts NYC  team

Photography taken by the Convicts NYC team

Is "alone" more than just a word to you?

Does it define the way you see yourself and your world?

Or is your reality circumscribed by a concern with your own intelligence?


Does the word "stupid" cause you to secretly tremble inside?  Or are you eternally trying to overcome a fear that you are a "loser"; seeing a world full of winners from which you seem to be excluded?

Poor or rich, thin or fat, messy or organized...we give our vital energies to wrestling with these dualities as if they were real. As if we could have one without the other, or as if one were a problem and the other its solution. You don't have to keep doing that!I believe these dualities and oppositions are manifestations of a spiritual disease and can only be resolved at that level. Left untreated, they will progressively dominate more and more of your behavior and your thought processes. They will drain you of your vital force. 




Now, imagine what might become possible if the same energy you have been using to

create these struggles were redirected to healthier ends, to genuine growth and



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As the philosopher Nietzsche said, "health is the amount of disease you can transform." The bigger the disease, the bigger the opportunity. A healthy soul transcends the dualities and reconciles with the oppositions in unexpected ways. Your disease is not something wrong with you, it is just the form in which your own higher power calls out to you. If you are ready to make peace with  yourself, if you are ready to end the struggle, I can be of service.

For over 20 years, I've been helping people  transform their greatest shame and weaknesses into their greatest triumphs. It is my commitment that you reclaim and reinvest the enormous amounts of energy you have been wasting in fears and resentments.



If this speaks to you, please email me or give me a call to schedule a coaching session.