Compulsive Under-Earning: Problem Or Solution


Could Under-Earning Be an opportunity

To transform your life?


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My name is Jim and I am a compulsive under-earner.



Who would ever think that saying those words would've transformed my life and my ability to provide for my family?  Who would ever imagine that those words could lead to a complete renewal of my experience of money, including the experience of making more than I had ever made year after year for over twenty years, without struggle or effort?

No one, in the natural order, would think of choosing to be an under-earner—never!  

But extraordinary things often begin just like ordinary things.  They arise in the natural order but then, at some point they begin to exceed the natural order.  Just like no one ever thought of choosing to be an alcoholic until Bill Wilson came along and created a new context for people to become effective in an area of their lives where they had a record of nothing but failure.  

In the midst of the greatest abundance the world has ever known we still reside in a context of scarcity.  When we dwell in a context of scarcity, it doesn’t matter whether you have "more than" or "less than," you cannot be at ease.  Nobody has enough. Ever. It’s not just you. Our financial dis-ease is universal.  Our difficulty in talking about it effectively, in ways that make a difference, is also universal.  Compulsive under earning is a way of saying, "I want to become responsible for this area of life."

Talking honestly and effectively about compulsive under-earning must always remain an extra-ordinary conversation.

It is said that in the realm of spirit, everything is always connected to its opposite.

If you don’t know which way is up, just get clear about which way is down and you will

begin to see the path. 


Maybe there is no such thing as a compulsive under earner in your experience as of yet, but what there is, is a conversation that we are having, mostly with ourself, about "what am I going to do?" and then "how come I don’t do what I know would work to change my life?" and possibly even...

 "There must be something wrong with me!"  Perhaps even, followed by an explanation.

It is a downward spiral from there. But you don't have to go through this journey alone. 

 I understand that talking about our compulsive Under Earning may be a difficult conversation, but it's one we are going to need to train ourselves to have with great courage, patience, and love and kindness to ourselves.  



I salute your courage in being willing to join me in something

I believe is going to change your world as it has changed mine.

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