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Harry B, New York, NY

Words can’t say enough how valuable the work with Jim Roi has been.  I began working with Jim in the middle of a divorce, and experiencing major financial set backs.  Actually financial devastation would be more accurate than financial set backs.   My work with jim was not what I expected.  I thought it would be some coaching to help me get clear about what I was doing wrong and how to fix my financial problems and my behaviors.  Instead Jim worked with me to discover my core issues around my sense of myself.  I saw that what colored all of my relationships with money, and people was that I saw myself as a loser.  Instead of working to change that about myself, which had been typical of previous work, Jim had me embrace that and using 12 step principles be willing to really be a loser.  That if that was what my higher power wanted for me, would I really be willing to accept that.   What happened for me since, has been miraculous.  My life in all areas has totally turned around, and instead of me now shifting that sense of myself, I continue to embrace my own willingness to be a loser.  I have never had more financial success, nor happiness in my life.


Linda T.   New York, NY

“ A couple of things that I got from your seminar that are really informing my days are:  I keep remembering that what I’m making up as what and how I’m suppose to be is a made up impossibility.  Secondly, your candor and ability to let me see how much of your time and attention is given over to the process of freeing you from your resentments.  Also, that even as you progress and shifts happen and you know new freedom, this process is for all ones  lifetime.”

Steve R.   Bronx, NY

“It was the perfect workshop for me.  I just started in the AA program so resentments was a good subject for me.  And I got my magnificence back!  As the gift from God.  The errant stuff, including resentments, is all about me.  Who I am called to be is magnificent.  Your emphasis on surrender was right on target

Janice T, Philadelphia, PA

I am really happy that John, Andrea and I came to your workshop.  The timing was incredible, as John and I have been struggling to minimize the damage caused by all of the “resentment” we have been acting out on each other.  Twenty-four hours before your workshop, we were screaming at one another (mostly me screaming) and talking about divorce again.  I am always amazed by the intensity of the rage I can access at will and how vicious I can be when I feel justified. After I “cool off” I usually feel ashamed and then angry, again, for losing my temper.  Around and around we go.  While my thoughts are still fairly jumbled, I know that the workshop provided me with some powerful insights that have transformed the aftermath of the latest blow out. I feel as two, the self and the observer of self.  The observer feels much more gentle towards my self than ever before.  I definitely feel “lighter”.  John and I are grateful and humbled that our path led us to you.  You have caused and continue to create transformation and possibility in our lives.  Your spirit inspires me to see what is possible when we have the courage to surrender.   Please let your wife, Robin, know that we were very happy to have met her.  John told me that she provided the space for him to see something new and he is grateful.  Jim, thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Dave H, Minnetonka, MN

From his far away office in NYC, Jim helped me understand and embrace a new way of living that is giving me the life that I always wanted but never knew how to obtain.  We connected through a former co-worker when I was at one of the lowest points in my life.  We’ve worked only over the telephone and via email, and have not yet met in person.  Despite all of this Jim has had, without a shadow of a doubt, the most profound, helpful, healing and wonderful affect on my life.  Without his love, friendship, guidance and wisdom, I would not have experienced the life changes that have brought me to where I am today.

Sydney J, Newfane, VT

In a life spanning just short of seven decades I can look at perhaps a half dozen or so persons of true import that have not only delighted me with their aura but have also reached in behind my navel and brought my very spiritual intestines into the harsh light for all to see. Not only has Jim Roi taught me to better see and know myself, but as a greater gift he has mapped out a path to genuine abundance in all facets of my life—he has truly been a major force in my transformation. Finally, he has helped me in the construction of new values toward money, finance and wealth