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2nd Session: The Roots of Compulsion Workshop

  • Center for Remember & Sharing 123 4th Avenue New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

Is "alone" more than just a word for you? Does it define the way you see yourself and your world? Have you idealized your relationship into something perfect but unattainable? Are you eternally trying to overcome a fear that you are a "loser"? Do your eyes see a world of "winners" from which you seem to be excluded? Do you constantly wonder why your plans to save money or start a business don't lead to saving money or actually starting that business? There is something that these behaviors and ways of thinking have in common and that's compulsivity. 

You simply don't know that you don't have to keep doing that! These dualities and oppositions are manifestations of a spiritual disease and can be resolved at that level. Untreated and unchecked, they will progressively dominate more and more of your behavior and thought processes. They will drain you of your vital force; A force in you so bright that you will begin to see your life take on new shapes and create new paths. 

If you are ready to make peace with yourself and your spirit, if you are ready to end the struggle, this workshop can help. 

I have been helping people overcome their compulsive behavior and obsessive thoughts for over 30 years. 

Join us at the newest workshop where we will tackle areas in our lives where we are most stuck: Relationships & Financial Well-being.