An Eternal Moment

Hidden between the future and the past is the eternal moment. The point of interest is always right now, right here, where we are now/here, nowhere! We cannot get to this point because we are already here. We cannot leave this point because there is no place else to go. The point is both where we are coming from and where we are going to. We sit in eternity observing time, wondering 'Is that all there is?'

The root meaning of eternity is 'youthful energy.' The root meaning of 'time' is 'to divide'.  Time is a division of energy into past and future, an illusion, a moving image of eternity. Eternity is what's happening all the time!  Time is beginning now.

Photo by  Rod Long  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Being in this moment poetically (creatively) is an art we want to cultivate. 

Between what matters and what materializes is the game of life. 

It is too simple. This is it.  We are either stuck here or we are freely choosing to be here now. The point is to choose. What do you say? Is this happening-to-us or is it us-happening?  We are too strange.  

This is the moment of possibility. Things are tense! Looking backward (past-tension) we don't see what happened, we see what we are now imagining happened. Looking forward (future-tension) we do not see what will happen, we see what we are now anticipating or expecting to come our way.  We don't expect much but we always expect something and so we get distracted from what is here.  We pretend that we are reporters and fight about the 'facts' and the 'truth' rather than take our turn as poets who speak with a creative voice. 

I coach people to find their poetic voice.